Becoming Valley Forge: “epic-length novel…colourful characters…a truly immersive reading experience”

I’m thrilled with the Historical Novel Society’s review of  Becoming Valley Forge.  The HNS is a literary society devoted to promoting the enjoyment of historical fiction and is based in the USA and the UK but has members from all around the world.

Check it out:

“In her epic-length novel Becoming Valley Forge, Sheilah Vance dramatizBecoming Valley Forge 9780982494592es the horrific depredations experienced by George Washington’s Continental Army as it endured brutal conditions during the winter camp at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in 1777.

The author centers her story around a small cast of colourful characters whose lives become tangled up in the war, whether they want to or not. There is a local blacksmith named James, a former slave, a conflicted patriot, Daniel, tavern-keeper Norman, Continental General Anthony Wayne, and the seemingly opportunistic Pennsylvania brothel-keeper, Connie.

The result of all these viewpoints playing out against the broader historical backdrop becomes a truly immersive reading experience.”
Hard work writing and researching is paying off!

Hope you enjoy my novel, too!


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