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Here’s our enewsletter about my novels and one of my author’s novels in Black Expressions Book Club.  Check it out.

Land Mines, my 2nd novel, now featured in Black Expressions Book Club, & The Elevator Group’s Cousin Myrtle, too; Chasing the 400 a Top 20 Bestseller

Talk about a great Christmas gift and a great way to start the new year!

Today I opened the January 2012 catalog for Black Expressions Book Club,, the premier direct-to-consumer book club featuring

African American authors and books featuring African Americans.

My second novel, Land Mines, is one of the featured selections!  I’ve known it was coming since this summer when BE’s wonderful editor, Carol Mackey, contacted me, but to see how wonderfully she displayed and described it is truly another dream come true.   It reads, “Sheilah Vance’s warm, wise, comforting book is not only a great story, it’s also a valuable manual for healing.”   I couldn’t have written it better myself!  (See the description of the book below.)  And, Land Mines is listed as one of the Editor’s Picks, right up there with books by NY Times bestselling authors T. D. Jakes, Condolezza Rice, Brenda Jackson, Allison Hobbs!

Last month, I was overjoyed because my first novel, Chasing the 400, which has been featured in Black Expressions since May 2011, was again in the Top 20 Bestsellers.  Just to have one of my books listed was a dream come true.  To have two is the best way to start the New Year.

And, I’m overjoyed because one of the authors that I publish in my publishing company, The Elevator Group (, also has her novel listed.  P. J. McCalla’s second novel, Cousin Myrtle, is also featured in the January 2012 issue.  P. J. wrote 14 novels over her lifetime but only became published two years ago, in her early 80’s, when I published her first novel, Heads Deacon Tails Devil.  (See the description of Cousin Myrtle below.)

You can read more about and order, in a special hardcover edition, Land Mines and Chasing the 400 at

And you can read  more and order in hardcover Cousin Myrtle at

Land Mines:

Carolyn James is a writer, so it’s natural that when her 11-year marriage to a doctor suddenly ends (with him in the arms of his yoga teacher, and Carolyn left raising their kids on her own), she turns to a “divorce journal” to try to figure things out. This absorbing, affirming and absolutely unique novel offers readers a peek into Carolyn’s private journal to see how her no-holds-barred honesty, her faith in God and her use of self-help books (real ones, and she names names!) help her navigate the land mines of divorced life with children, rebuild her life and recover her self-esteem over three tumultuous years. Sheilah Vance’s warm, wise, comforting book is not only a great story, it’s also a valuable manual for healing.

Cousin Myrtle:

Wealthy entrepreneur Sam Sharpe, still spry in his 80s and married to the beautiful, much younger Jessie, is not as wise or shrewd in matters of family and relationships as he’s been in the business arena. So he seems like an easy mark for his cousin Myrtle, who’s lived her whole life as a freeloading parasite, getting kicked out of one home after another. When Cousin Myrtle moves in, Jessie starts to realize how much she resembles the old schemer—and how much she’s grown to love and respect her husband. But she’s going to have to get trusting old Sam to wake up and confront his cousin’s conniving ways. And to do that, she’s going to have to get her mind off the handsome young man who’s just moved to town!

As we head into the New Year, please know that dreams do come true!  Be encouraged!

Peace.–Sheilah Vance