Day 1, Dec. 13, 1777 — Washington’s Army at Rebel Hill

Sheilah Vance

Rebel Hill and Gulph Mills

This blog post is in honor of the six days in December that General George Washington and the Continental Army spent in my home, Rebel Hill in Gulph Mills, Pa., starting on this day in 1777.  I am commemorating that by posting a blog for each of the six days.  I’ll also share a post tomorrow about my ebook, Six Days in December: General George Washington’s and the Continental Army’s Encampment on Rebel Hill, December 13 – 19, 1777, which is a prequel to my novel, Becoming Valley Forge.  Enjoy and learn…

Late in the evening of December 12, 1777, in a blinding snowstorm, George Washington and his hungry, tired, and barely-clothed army, spent from a December 11 encounter with the British at Whitemarsh, started the march from Swedes Ford, in Norristown, to Gulph Mills. One soldier writes, “We are ordered to march…

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