Join me 2/7/15, my talk on The Road to Valley Forge, King of Prussia Historical Society

The_March_to_Valley_Forge_William_Trego (1)Please join me on Saturday, February 7, 2 p.m., as I speak about The Road to Valley Forge, to the King of Prussia Historical Society, Christ Church (Old Swedes) Church Hall740 River Rd, Swedesburg, PA 19405.

I’m excited to talk about the six days in December that General George Washington and the Continental Army spent on Gulph Mills and Rebel Hill, where I grew up, from December 13 -18, leaving on the morning of December 19 to march to Valley Forge as depicted in this iconic painting, The March to Valley Forge, by William Trego.

I was scheduled to speak about this time last year but my talk got snowed out in one of those epic snow storms we had during the winter of 2014.  I’m praying for good weather this year!

What happened to the Continental Army in those six days is a microcosm of so much of what happened during the Revolutionary War–the hardship, the bravery, the conflict, the thankfulness, the celebration, and the determination, among other things.   You can read more about what happened in a day-by-day description in my blog posts below from December 13 – 19, 2014.  Or, you can read my ebook, Six Days in December: General George Washington’s and the Continental Army’s Encampment on Rebel Hill, December 13 – 19, 1777.
You can find the ebook (31 pp., $2.99) on Amazon at
The ebook is a prequel to my novel, Becoming Valley Forge, due out late May 2015, which I also discuss in blog posts below or at my website,
So, please join me on February 7th when I talk about these important six days in American and history, and answer one question that led me to all of my writing and research about the Revolutionary War on Rebel Hill, in Gulph Mills, and in many other communities in the Philadelphia area during what’s called the Philadelphia Campaign of the Revolutionary War :  what happens when the war comes to your backyard?

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