Remembering the nation’s First Thanksgiving, 12/18/1777.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Read my article below about the nation’s true first Thanksgiving, 12/18/1778, which George Washington and his Continental Army celebrated on Rebel Hill and Gulph Mills. #reclaiminghistory

Valley Forge’s Threshold: The Encampment at Gulph Mills – Journal of the American Revolution
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Valley Forge’s Threshold: The Encampment at Gulph Mills – Journal of the American Revolution

My article on the importance of the six days in December encampment at Gulph Mill and Rebel Hill as the threshold to Valley Forge was published today as the lead article in the Journal of the American Revolution, http://www.allthingsliberty. The article was a lot of work, but a work of love for Rebel Hill and Gulph Mills getting their important, historical due. You can read more about this period in my ebook, Six Days in December, and my novel, Becoming Valley Forge, both on Amazon, or ask for the novel at the Valley Forge Encampment Store or the Museum of the American Revolution. #becomingvalleyforge

Valley Forge’s Threshold: The Encampment at Gulph Mills – Journal of the American Revolution
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New Becoming Valley Forge Podcast

I just started a new podcast where I read the fiction chapters from my novel, Becoming Valley Forge, and then supplement each chapter with some real deal, non-fiction information about that period in our history, The Philadelphia Campaign of the Revolutionary War. I haven’t promoted it because I’m still learning how to speak in the most pleasing voice and not stumble over my words, but when this popped up today from an Apple search, I said, hey, what the heck, get it out there, your audience will understand that you are just doing you. Practice makes perfect, so keep checking back. Eventually, I’ll go through the entire book. Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to give me your feedback at Enjoy and learn! (You can also find it on other podcast platforms).

In memory of all of our nation’s veterans, including the first ones.

Remembering the sacrifice of our veterans today, including the first ones as I did in my novel Becoming Valley Forge – Kindle edition by Sheilah Vance. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Thanks for your service & sacrifice

Becoming Valley Forge – Kindle edition by Sheilah Vance. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Becoming Valley Forge.
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African American soldier’s powder horn now at Museum of American Revolution

Patriots of African descent in the Revolutionary War are not remembered enough.

My friend, Denise Dennis, was always proud of her patriot ancestor, Gershom Prince, a free man who fought in the Revolutionary War and died in the Battle of Wyoming. Now, a powder horn that her descendent carved–thought to be the first of its kind–and which was found on his deceased body, and then passed down through generations, was just donated to the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia.

Read this remarkable story below.

Denise also created a The Dennis Farm Charitable Land Trust, a living museum in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, on 153 acres of land land that her family has owned since 1793. The land is the oldest continuously owned land by African Americans in this country and is memorialized at the Smithsonian’s Museum of African American History with its own exhibit.

via A true patriot, John James, 98, becomes a lieutenant after 76 years

Happy Independence Day! Please click on the link above to my blog Becoming Valley Forge to read about Lt. John James, who typifies all that this country stands for.  In 1776, there was a miracle in Philadelphia. There was one here last week, too, at the Museum of the American Revolution, when Lt. James got his Lieutenant’s  commission after 76 years because of the Army’s racial separation policies.