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New Museum of the American Revolution Now Carries novel Becoming Valley Forge

Greetings from Philadelphia–the city where our nation was founded!

If your Independence Day weekend plans bring you to the new Museum of the American Revolution here for some Revolutionary War Realness, make sure you stop by the gift shop and pick up a copy of Sheilah Vance’s award-winning novel, Becoming Valley Forge.  We’re honored to have Sheilah’s book reviewed, approved, and now available in this groundbreaking and important museum dedicated to the Revolutionary War. The painting that is the cover of Becoming Valley Forge— William Trego’s The March to Valley Forge is on exhibit at the Museum.  Stop in and learn more about our country’s birth and its birthplace.

Happy Fourth of July!

Leaving Valley Forge and on to independence

On today’s date in 1778, General George Washington and the Continental Army marched out of Valley Forge, a better army after a rough yet productive winter, and on to face the British at the Battle of Monmouth.  Read my blog post on about this important day–how the army got there and how I came to write Becoming Valley Forge, a novel that answers the question–what happens when the war comes to your backyard?

Source: Leaving Valley Forge and on to independence