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The Elevator Group $10 Summer Book Sale

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Stock up on your summer reading with The Elevator Group’s $10 per book Summer Book Sale from now through September 1.  Click here to purchase direct from The Elevator Group at

All of our award-winning and  best-selling books are on sale through September 1, 2016.

Enjoy and happy reading!

Get great Amazon Prime Day Deals today 7/12

I love Amazon.  They transformed publishing so that self-published authors and independent publishers like me could compete with the big five New York publishers.  Amazon didn’t stigmatize or separate people who self-published, like I did with my first novel, Chasing the 400.  Amazon made it possible for me to even think about then becoming an independent publisher with a means to get my books to the masses through their website.  And, Amazon has given authors and publishers like me great platforms to reach our audiences, like the Author Page.

When Amazon stock went on sale, I bought some as a way to support the company that supported me.  I still own Amazon stock, and I always will, no matter what its ups and downs.  I support my friends, and that’s what I consider Amazon to be.

Today is Amazon Prime Day where all kinds of great products sold on Amazon are on sale at deep discounts.  You have to be an Amazon Prime member to participate, and, if you’re not yet, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial by clicking on the link below.  There’s also links below for some of the great deals of the lowest price ever of $33.33 for a Kindle Fire, $50 off Amazon Echo, $80 off Fire HD10,  and $30 off Kindle Paperwhite.

So, if you’re so inclined–support Amazon.  They’ve changed retailing and, as an author and publisher, they changed my life.

Happy Amazon Prime Day – July 12 – Exclusive Deals for Prime Members – Shop Now

Amazon Prime Day – $50 Off Amazon Echo

Amazon Prime Day – $80 Off Fire HD 10

Amazon Prime Day – Fire Tablet Lowest Price Ever, Just $33.33

Amazon Prime Day – Kindle Paperwhite $30 Off

Peace and happy shopping–Sheilah.