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Honoring all veterans, including our first ones

Today the nation says thank you to our veterans who sacrificed and sacrifice daily to defend our country. We appreciate the service of every man and woman who ever served in the Armed Forces, as well as those who are serving today.

I’ve thought a lot about the men and women who fought valiantly and who sacrificed much over 300 years ago to create and defend this new country called the United States of America.  All types of men and women of various races–white, African American, Native American–fought for freedom from the British and gave us a lasting legacy.

So, what was their sacrifice like? What was it like when the war came to their back yards, whether in Massachusetts, Pennsyvania or Virginia? I felt that their sacrifice must have been great, and I was moved to learn more about it.  For five years, I researched what it was like when the war came to the backyards of people in the Philadelphia area during what is called The Philadelphia Campaign, from the Battle of Brandywine in September 11, 1777 to the march out from Valley Forge in June 1778.

You can read about the sacrifice of our first veterans in my novel, Becoming Valley Forge. Read more about it at my author page at or on Amazon, where you can also order the book.

I hope your curiosity about our first veterans is as great as mine was and that Becoming Valley Forge shows you why our first veterans deserve one heck of a big thank you.


The March to Valley Forge (William Trego)

The March to Valley Forge (William Trego)